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For all types of computer problems in Herefordshire, with laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, wifi-printing, PCs and Apple Macs support, technical help and training

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"To deliver affordable, friendly and professional technical support, training and assistance, covering all types of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Apple and Android devices throughout Herefordshire, by being available to help customers at short-notice."

Hi, my name is Mark Giles. For well over 6 years, I have been providing computer training, support and coaching to individuals and businesses throughout Herefordshire. I began trading as Computer Coaching at Home and I have added a new trading domain, Hereford Computer Help .com to reflect the wider scope of my business interests.

By operating with a wide variety of devices and platforms, I am able to provide comprehensive support and help for Macbooks, laptops, netbooks, Windows 10, Apple iPads and iphones, Android tablets and smartphones.

Services - Starting to use your device and more

Introduction to keyboard and layout, including shortcuts and tips

Broadband setup - trouble-shooting internet and connection problems

Setting-up your new printer, wi-fi printing, AirPrint, network printers

Getting to grips with the latest trends in social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Making the most of your Android tablets and Apple iOS devices

Help with Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook - and their free alternatives

Internet - learn to use Google effectively, try out different browsers; for example Edge, Chrome, Firefox

Discover how to search for images, and find photographs similar to others, even your very own!

Virus and spyware problems - I can advise you how to protect yourself

Services - Support and more

Could Remote Support help you?

I have a TeamViewer commercial licence, which means that, if you require, I have the ability to provide instant technical support and assistance, by viewing your computer screen remotely. This would take place under your complete control, and we can discuss remedies immediately. It is quite possible that I can solve your computer problem there and then! You can see what I am doing, and you can terminate the connection at any time.

How many sessions?

The choice is entirely yours. Many of my clients enjoy the fact that they are under no obligation to commit to an ongoing contract, or a 'set number of sessions'.   On the other hand, I have several clients who like me to visit on a regular basis, to help with day-to-day computer issues, rapid changes in the way they use the internet and email.

Support at your location

No need to worry about transporting your device into a shop or office for help; I will come to your home or location. I do not charge for travelling within Hereford city. Further afield, I need to make a small mileage charge to cover petrol.

Macbook and Mac support

In addition to Windows, I am familiar with Macs and Macbooks; I use a Macbook Pro when I'm mobile. I can help you get even more out of your Apple product.

Webpage and website creation

I have developed several web sites from scratch, and I have also helped customers when they have needed to bring their websites up-to-date. For example, I have recently helped the following sites with their development, by offereing suggestions about increasing their visibility:

All Saints' Church Brockhampton - a beautiful local church, built in the Arts and Crafts style

Facebook page for All Saints' Church Brockhampton - Social Media is already a very important way to attract visitors to your website and organization

Email - webmail, or email client, or both?

You have several options when it comes to how you use and access your email. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I can advise you on which might be best for your situation, and then configure it, according to your needs.

iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone help

I have owned and used 4 incarnations of the Apple iPad since they were first released in 2010; I'm now using an iPad Air 2. I have solved countless problems for my customers with iDevices, and I am very familiar with their set-up and use. I also use an Amazon Android tavlet, and Samsung Android smartphone.

Are you having problems with your printer?

Getting your printer to print from your PC, laptop or other device, especially from tablets, can be tricky. I'll troubleshoot the issue, and get your printer up and running as quickly as possible.

Fees and terms

I charge a simple flat fee of £15 per hour for my time with you. (£15 is my minimum charge.)

Additional time is charged at £5 for each subsequent period of 20 minutes.

I do not charge for my travel to you, provided that it is within Hereford City limits

Outside of the city, I charge 45p per mile, commencing at the city boundary - both ways. (I am willing to negotiate a rate for long-distance visits - please ask!)

Payment is due in cash at the end of each visit, please.

Payment can also be made by instant direct bank transfer, and I am happy to accept cheques from my established customers.

Contact information

Telephone: 01432 268883 to have a chat with me - let's see how I can help.

email: for further information.

Mark Giles

Computer training, technical support, Macbook lessons, Apple help

For over 5 years, I have been providing computer training, coaching and support in Herefordshire, on a one-to-one basis, to personal customers and small businesses.

In 2010, I began trading as Computer Coaching At Home. I have recently added a new trading domain,, to reflect the increasing demand for computer technical support and trouble-shooting, particularly with tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The first computing device I personally owned was the Sinclair ZX-81, which I purchased around 1982. During the 1980s, I purchased several Sinclair Spectrum micro computers. In 1991, I self-taught on Microsoft Disk Operating System, or DOS as it was affectectionately known. Windows was at about version 3 or 3.1.

Since then, I have owned more than a dozen PCs, tablets and smartphones, whilst developing my interest in, and knowledge of, popular personal computers and technology. Currently, I have a desktop PC with Windows 10, an Apple iPad Air, a Macbook Pro, an Android tablet, and a Samsung smartphone.

By charging a fair rate for my services, which include computer help, IT support, computer lessons, technical support, training, internet trouble-shooting, computer coaching, Wi-Fi set-up, I have developed a keen following from my many customers throughout Herefordshire, and further afield!

Patient and friendly, professional and reliable, please call Mark Giles on 01432 268883 to arrange prompt help with your computer, laptop, Apple Mac, tablet or smartphone!

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